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How do I book a lesson? 

It couldn't be easier, just telephone, text or email to discuss your requirements. You can also enquire via the contact page. I'll check availability, then a 50% non-returnable deposit is paid to secure the booking, the remaining 50% is paid in cash at the lesson.


I can't come same day/time every week. 


No problems! You can book a different day / time every week. Just whatever suits you. It couldn't be simpler, just either book as you're leaving your lesson for your next session, or telephone, text or email to secure your next lesson. 


I just want to learn to sew specific things. (e.g. sewing in invisible zips). 

Just book a lesson for that specific technique. You don't have to commit to a course of lessons, just as little or as many as you feel necessary. 


How do I pay for the lesson? 

The remaining outstanding 50% of the Lessons fee is paid for in cash, at your lesson. 


What do I need to bring with me?

If you already have your own sewing machine and want to learn about everything it can do, then bring it along to your lesson and I can advise on any extra's you may want to buy for your machine. Its always best to bring your own sewing machine, if you are going to be working on it, don't forget to bring with power cable and pedal, your fabric for your project and matching or co-ordinating thread, plus any haberdashery that is required for your project, trims, zip, buttons, etc. Don't worry if you don't have your own sewing machine yet, you can use all the sewing machines here and equipment until you feel that it's right for you to get your own. I can advise on what would be a good suitable sewing machine for your needs. 


What happens if I need to cancel?

I ask that you give at least 48 hours notice via telephone or text to cancel. That way it gives someone else the chance to book your allotted time slot, as the lessons book up very quickly. For no-show (without notifying at least 48 hours beforehand) the lesson will still be charged for in full. After the third consecutive cancellation – if you wish to carry on with lessons the 3rd cancelled lesson needs to be paid for before you resume lessons.


What happens if I'm late? 

Please telephone as a courtesy to let me know if you are going to be late. As lessons are booked in 2 hourly slots, if you are more than quarter of an hour late, your lesson will have to be short by the length of time you are late to accommodate for the next student.  


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